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Free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel!

In the age of smartphone, tablets, netbooks and notebooks WLAN ist requested more often.

Of course, the relexa hotel Ratingen City in all rooms provides a way to wireless dial into the internet. You enjoy free access to a 512 kbit/s line in the entire hotel. With this line you can check your emails or simply surf in the web.

Cost of a full line:

If you want to stream movies, we recommend our unrestricted internet connection. Partners for this service is t-mobile.

HotSpot* pass 24 hours € 4,95- valid for 24 hours from the first time you log in
HotSpot* pass 7 days € 19,95- valid from the first time you log in for 7 days

This login is available at any t-mobile HotSpot, also in the coruse of the following day as at the fair dusseldorf and at the airport. The voucher runs like a parking meter, that after the first login time is ticking down, regardless of whether the access is used or not.

And so you can connect to the WLAN

hotel room:
Access 512 kbit/s: To use our WLAN, you connect quickly and easily with the Telekom HotSpot, then automatically opens the homepage of the Telekom. There, the field will show " Go Online " in which only needs to be clicked and you are connected.

Unlimited access: In the hotel room you choose to use the Wi-Fi HotSpots from Telekom. This will take you to a page where you have the option to enter the username and password of the HotSpot Pass.

Meeting and event rooms:
As a conference hotel, we offer our guests the Internet via the Wi-Fi HotSpot in all our conference rooms for free. They connect you to a separate network. The password is available at the reception or signposted in the conference room.

The business center with LAN ports, PC and printer on the ground floor you can also use free of charge.

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